Rimini destination of the year 2019

We all already knew that Rimini is a beautiful city. What we didn't expect is that Rimini was declared as one of the ideal destinations for those are looking for vacations in 2019 from some of the most famous magazines in the world, such as Forbes and New York Times.

In fact, in addition to the enormous amount of history heritage in the historic center (for example the Malatesta Temple, the Arch of Augustus, the Tiberius Bridge), Rimini is the city of Fellini: here you can breathe the magic air of cinema. 

Walking through the historic center of Rimini is an experience that has no equal: along the Corso d'Augusto (which connects Tiberius Bridge and the Arch of Augustus) you can admire the beautiful Piazza Tre Martiri which rises on the area of ​​the ancient Roman Forum, where it is desired that Julius Caesar harangued his soldiers after crossing the Rubicon. On the square are the Clock Tower and the octagonal temple of S. Antonio.

The duoMo Hotel is just a few steps away from this square and from all the historical and artistic wonders that surround it in the heart of the historical center of Rimini.

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