Sleep in the Future

Rooms & Suites

The duoMo design style finds its ultimate expression in the 34 rooms and 9 suites. Minimalist spaces with an extreme design and futuristic features, like spaceships that follow the colour scheme of each floor. Purple on the first floor. Then red. And on the third, lime green. They offer porthole windows, wet bathroom, some outdoor Jacuzzis, and technology that becomes comfort. Each floor of the duoMo hotel has its own Honesty Bar.


Dreaming suite

Generous spaces, some with private outdoor patio and Jacuzzi, a large bed with the best mattress for comfortable, deep sleep and open-plan bathroom with parquet floor. 

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Loop Room

Loop rooms overlook Via Giordano Bruno and the Malatesta family palaces of the town centre. Open-plan bathroom in total corian with shower or bathtub, cutting edge amenities and comfort blend with a minimalist design produced by Molteni.

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caMera urBan

Back from a busy day, enjoy the emotional relaxation of the materials of this room: the soft touch and hypoallergenic floor, like a walk on the beach. In the bathroom, the natural materials, such as the teak flooring and the rain shower, will pamper you in a modern open space.

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Location & Contacts

duoMo hotel RiMini
via g. bruno 28 - riMini (RN),
T +39 0541 24215/6 - F +39 0541 27842